How to get a mugshot removed from Google

Ask, and you shall receive! Question: How do you get a mugshot removed from Google? Special thanks to one of our readers for this one. Torrey from Los Angeles, CA recently wrote into our editorial staff regarding the removal of mugshots from Google’s search engine result pages. As a result, we did the only natural

Sean Hakes Launches AAERO Aviation

Sean Hakes, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer for t the e Colorado-based digital marketing agency, Altitude SEO has successfully launched AAERO Aviation. AAERO is a full-service digital marketing and software development agency who thrives on innovation in aviation. Currently, AAERO is developing the fly sharing app, “Several others have attempted to penetrate the fly

Retired Orthopedic Surgeon, Kenneth Pettine

Kenneth Pettine was the type of surgeon who always has the best interest of his patients in mind. He coined the term “friends don’t let friends get fused.” He retired in 2017. Kenneth Pettine founded the Rocky Mountain Association of Orthopedic Medicine in 1991 to ensure his patients have non-fusion surgical options available. Additional accomplishments

The Troubleshooter “Tom Martino” Unplugged

If you’ve lived in Colorado for any given amount of time then you’ve likely heard of the man that has saved consumers millions of dollars in merchandise, refunds, and solutions. The Tom Martino Show airs on both 630KHOW in Denver (Mon – Fri) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m as well as in Colorado Springs