How a Thirty-Year Ski Rental Shop Stays Relevant

Ski rental is a cut-throat business. Most ski rental outfits are highly competitive and the more popular the resort or mountain – the more competition there will be. Different ski shops have taken different strategies over the years, but American Ski Exchange has been serving the Vail community for over 30 years by promoting the benefits of renting and giving their customers the best possible customer service.

American Ski Exchange promotes renting over buying for several reasons. They outline their rental philosophy in the stores which promotes convenience and flexibility. One of the first points is the convenience of renting nearby.

In case you don’t know, skis and snowboards are bulky, heavy, and difficult to carry around. Smart renters will avoid this nuisance by renting right at Vail Resort, which American Ski Exchange offers. From American Ski Exchange, it’s a short walk to the first lift, and when you’re done you don’t have to lug the rental back to your room, drop it back at the shop.

Another need American Ski Exchange fulfills is providing options for several types of skiers and snowboarders and the type of terrain they shred. American Ski Exchange argues that if you purchase a snowboard or set of skis, you’re pigeon-holed to only skiing or snowboarding the types of terrain that your purchase was meant for. Those who want to ski backcountry one day, the rails the next, or simply carve down the hills can rent a distinct set of skis or type of snowboard every day. You can either buy several types of skis or rent for options better suited to your budget.

The last major argument American Ski Exchange provides is that renting from them gives you a maintenance-free experience. If you own your skis or board you are responsible for fixing or repairing it at your own time and expense, something board and ski owners know does not come cheap. If your rental board or skis break or don’t work, no worries, you take it back to American Ski Exchange, and they match you with a new set.

Ski rentals in Vail are an ultra-competitive environment, American Ski Exchange has remained for over thirty years. American Ski Exchange’s simple philosophy of convenience and customer service is likely to keep their doors open for decades to come.


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