Retired Orthopedic Surgeon, Kenneth Pettine

Kenneth Pettine was the type of surgeon who always has the best interest of his patients in mind. He coined the term “friends don’t let friends get fused.” He retired in 2017.

Kenneth Pettine founded the Rocky Mountain Association of Orthopedic Medicine in 1991 to ensure his patients have non-fusion surgical options available.

Additional accomplishments including being the principal investigator for 18 Food and Drug Administration studies that involved nonfusion implants, biologics, and stem cells, and is the pioneer of spinal stem cell therapy.

Kenneth Pettine was featured as one of the TopĀ 50 Spine and SpecialistĀ Surgeons to Know in America. Kenneth Pettine is the recipient of various honors, a distinguished speaker at national and international symposiums, and the author of over 20 research publications.

While Kenneth Pettine no longer practices medicine, he has an incredibly informative website available at


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