Telluride Real Estate Agency’s Experiences Guides Buyers on Tough Purchases

Telluride in ColoradoWhen approaching a tough or unique real estate market, you need to go in with a fighting chance or you’ll quickly end up overwhelmed. That’s what many potential Telluride home shoppers have experienced when trying to look at Telluride real estate by themselves or with the help of an out-of-town real estate team. For a real estate market like Telluride, you need the experience and expertise of a local realtor like the Telluride Real Estate Corporation and the Dwight and Martin Team. Learning more about Telluride Real Estate’s team can help teach you why hiring a local team is so important.

The Dwight and Martin Team was built by Jon W. Dwight and Alex Martin in 2004 around the same time the Telluride market was becoming more popular. Dwight and Martin knew they would get a leg-up on the competition due to their commitment to their customers and their commitment to the town itself.

When customers hire the Dwight and Martin Team they’re not hiring jet-setting real estate developers that have never set foot in Telluride but a team that lives, works and plays in this gorgeous Colorado setting. Dwight has been in real estate for several decades and joined the Telluride Real Estate Corporation in 2004. Dwight spends his time in Telluride as a community organizer and is currently the Chairman of the Telluride Regional Airport Authority and member of the residential board of the Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association. When not sitting on the board Dwight enjoys flying, skiing and everything else Telluride has to offer. Martin joined the team in 2004 also and helps match potential homeowners to several of Telluride’s developments and homes. Martin is an avid outdoorsman and spends his downtime volunteering for several organizations like Telluride Mountain Film, Habitat for Humanity, and the Rock and Roll Academy. The team is rounded out by Marcin Ostromecki who joined in 2014. Ostromecki enjoys the outdoor adventure provided by Telluride and enjoys volunteering his time for the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue and Angel Baskets.

When looking for a team to help you purchase Telluride real estate you want a team that will provide you with local knowledge and guidance. That type of service can only be provided by a team that lives and plays in Telluride which has helped make Dwight and Martin the go-to for any Telluride real estate decisions.


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