Why Corvette Fanatics Trust Purifoy Chevy

Purifoy ChevroletThe Chevrolet Corvette is an American icon and one of the most popular muscle cars in the United States. This popularity means everyone wants a piece of the Corvette pie which leads to shady dealerships and bad deals. Those who live in Colorado know there’s only one place to turn to when they need to purchase a new or used Corvette or have their current Corvette services – Purifoy Chevrolet. The name Purifoy instantly means Corvette for those who know the dealership, but if you’ve never heard of Purifoy, it’s easy to learn why they’re King of the Corvette in Colorado.

Roland Purifoy founded his dealership on simple principles – integrity, honesty, and ethics and the Purifoy name has run its dealership on those principles since its founding in 1960. Roland passed away in 1997, but Roland’s son has continued the same ideas in the dealership today. The only major difference Rollie has made to Purifoy is adding a little “get up and go” to the lot.

In 1984 the Purifoy dealership was humming along successfully, but Roland’s son Rollie decided that the dealership needed to emphasize arguably Corvette’s longest lasting and most popular vehicle – the Corvette. Rollie wanted potential and current customers to think Corvette when they thought of Purifoy Chevrolet, so Rollie began an educational campaign across his dealership.

That same philosophy is still set at Purifoy so not only does the service department know how to service just about any model of this American icon, but the rest of the staff knows Corvettes from their front bumper to their tailpipes. Ask any team member at Purifoy when the Corvette was first manufactured, and you’ll be told 1953 and then several stories about the Corvette design process and evolution over the decades, something Corvette owners, and shoppers can’t find at any other Colorado dealer.

Corvette lovers turn to Purifoy for two reasons, their dedication to the Corvette and their dedication to customer service. These two philosophies make Purifoy Chevrolet the easy choice whether you’re shopping for a classic Corvette model or looking to get your new model serviced. If it has to do Corvettes for sale, Purifoy can handle it.

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