Don’t put up with debt collectors that harass homeowners in a financial bind. Equity Experts know your residents’ rights under the law, and we take the time to consider economic hardship and distress before working toward a fair solution with each homeowner. 

Our Recovery Experts are educated in legal compliance to ensure an individual’s rights are never violated during the debt collection process. The last thing we want is to have homeowners become buried in attorneys’ fees and costs on top of what they already owe the association. We can offer deferred debt relief programs over the next few months to relieve financial pressure, helping homeowners clean up their credit reports for a new start. You maintain an amicable relationship with your community residents and can continue to provide valuable services.

Smooth Operations Equal Great Customer Service

Equity Experts is a debt collection agency that introduces the latest technology to help community associations run smoothly by outsourcing and automating debt collection processes. Our clients are assigned a Liaison who works with them to integrate software, analyze problem accounts, and make sure their procedures for contacting residents, collecting, and resolving debt are compliant with state and federal laws. 

Reporting features allow management and staff to track progress made by our Recovery Experts who work directly with the homeowners. We contact the owner by mail, email, phone, and negotiate in-person to explain the debt and options for payment until a resolution is made. Homeowners are made aware of deadlines for payments to avoid additional fees.

Reputable, Honest Debt Collection Practices

Your homeowners will never feel harassed by multiple phone calls at their work or home. There will be a series of set communication methods to be certain they’ve been informed of delinquency. They learn who to contact with questions to explain their current situation and discuss a solution. Recovery Experts provide empathy and will consider hardships, especially those related to the pandemic. 

Equity Experts follows Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and has in-house legal representatives to keep miscommunications from escalating into the court system. We also adhere to the laws of your state to protect communities from bad debt collection methods. We will NOT engage in:

  • Annoying, automated, recorded calls, and unhelpful pre-recorded messages 
  • Contacting homeowners at work or contact friends and neighbors 
  • Making threats regarding payments 
  • Automatically deducting single or recurring payments from homeowner bank accounts without authorization 
  • Reporting false information to the credit bureau to leverage payment
  • Threatening to garnish wages without obtaining a judgment

We help homeowners improve their credit reports by educating them about their debt, developing payment schedules, and keeping them on a solid financial path. Creating a situation of greater financial stress is not a viable strategy for debt collection. 

Before collecting a debt, we do our research to be sure the homeowner owes the debt, that the amount is accurate, and we know their personal circumstances leading up to late and missing payments.

If your association has experienced legal complaints regarding debt collection, we urge you to evaluate your debt collection service and establish compassionate practices before finding yourself in a legal situation. Know the homeowners’ rights and keep up to date with changing regulations.

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