What do you call the strong base of something? The foundation. Though the word is now synonymous with underlying principle or basis, the actual term foundation comes from construction. A foundation is the lowest load-bearing portion of a building, often at or below ground level.

The foundation is the, well, foundation of your home, but what exactly does the foundation do other than give the house or building something flat to sit on? Let’s learn more about the foundation under your home including all it does to support you and your family thanks to AAA Concrete Raising.

So, What Does the Foundation of Your Home Do?

The foundation is the literal bedrock of your home, and is almost always the first step to building a high-quality home. Foundations can be constructed from treated wood and stone, but the most popular materials for residential foundations in the US is reinforced concrete.

Your home’s foundation is more than just a slab of concrete, it’s a block of engineering. Each foundation is specifically designed and installed for the home being installed on top of it, it’s customized for the type of soil around the home, the climate of the home’s site, even local water tables. So what can this reinforced block do for your home?

First and foremost, the foundation of your home is level. Any angles in the foundation will cause numerous construction problems and could cause structural issues if the issue goes unnoticed. A home must be built on a solid flat surface, and a concrete foundation checks all of those boxes.

There’s more to the foundation of your home than being a heavy flat block. Foundations also insulate a home from extreme temperatures, provides a barrier to keep moisture from penetrating your home, keeps the home at the correct height, and resists movement of the surrounding soil. Just as the roof of your home is the primary defense of to the elements attacking the top of your home, the foundation is the strong arm to keep outside elements from attacking the bottom of your home.

So what does the foundation of your home do? That foundation of your home is a carefully engineered piece of concrete that will not only support your home but keep you comfortable, keep moisture out, and keep your home from shifting. All of this and more is the foundation under your home, and the foundation of your home life.