You finally met your perfect match and as fate would have it, they too love the outdoors. Hitting the trail together has become the norm. Backpacking trips, stargazing excursions, rock-climbing adventures, you name it and the two of you have done it. Now you’re looking to upgrade some of your gear to be useful to you as a couple, but where to start? Here is a list of the top 5 products to consider for you and your honey.

1) Double Hammock: Whether you’re car camping, headed into the backcountry or simply hanging out in the backyard, a hammock for two is a must-have. Snuggle up together while gently swaying to the night sounds. Lightweight but sturdy fabric and straps make it a perfect piece of equipment for a couple.

2) Double Sleeping Bag: Individual sleeping bags are great for solo trips but if you’re camping with your sweetie, a double sleeping bag is the way to go. In colder weather, sharing body heat in this way ensures you both stay warm and toasty. Most models have zippers on both sides that will help regulate the temperature, just in case one of you sleeps hotter than the other. There are plenty of lightweight models out there that are great for backpacking.

3) Double Sleeping Pad: To make sure you achieve ultimate comfort, you will need a double sleep pad under the duo bag you just purchased. The double models tend to have two individual chambers for easier inflating and deflating. This feature is also helpful if one person likes a firmer pad.

4) Two-Person Cook System: Pancakes and bacon are morning essentials. Cooking for two people on a single system can be a chore though. The JetBoil Genesis Base Camp cooking system eliminates the hassle. It features two burners, a frying pan, and a pot. All of it packs into a compact carrying case.

5) Collapsible Wine Preservation Bag: What better way to end the day than enjoying good wine while cuddled up in the double hammock? Wine bottles, even the small “sample sizes” are not super trail friendly. If you nixed the idea due to the heavy breakability of the bottles, try a packable preservation bag. Look for one lined with food-grade polyethylene, making the container 100% BPA free. The preservation bag is not just for wine. It will also hold a tasty Irish whiskey nicely.

From car camping to backpacking, gear designed for a couple will ensure that your next adventure is a happily ever after.