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Question: How do you get a mugshot removed from Google?

Special thanks to one of our readers for this one. Torrey from Los Angeles, CA recently wrote into our editorial staff regarding the removal of mugshots from Google’s search engine result pages. As a result, we did the only natural thing. Reached out to America’s expert in online reputation marketing, Sean Hakes.

Sean Hakes recently published a piece on the article that goes into great detail regarding the removal of mugshots from Google. The bottom line is; it’s gonna cost you. Many ‘Mugshot’ removal companies operate the very mugshot sites that have your mug posted front & center. They take a hefty fee like $1,000 to remove the mugshot. If it’s a mugshot that finds its way on a major news publication website, then it can be even more expensive. To the hum of $12K to $50K in investment per year, just to keep the negative press suppressed.

There you have it. 1.) Don’t get in trouble, or 2.) Be prepared to pay at least $1,000 to get your name cleared online. Learn more at