AAERO, the parent company for Flyy.me – fly sharing app.

Sean Hakes, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer for t the e Colorado-based digital marketing agency, Altitude Agency has successfully launched AAERO Aviation.

AAERO is a full-service digital marketing and software development agency who thrives on innovation in aviation. Currently, AAERO is developing the fly sharing app, Flyy.me.

“Several others have attempted to penetrate the fly sharing arena and have been quickly shut down by the FAA.” commented, Hakes.

“As marketers, we’re always seeking solutions. We’ve found an angle that will adhere to the FAA’s interpretation of the ‘common carriage’ regulation and allow pilots and riders to participate in a significantly discounted aviation transportation,” Hakes concluded.

Flyy Fly SharingAAERO plans on launching their website, Flyy.me by the end of November with their app soon following.